Saturday, July 12, 2008

My leg story.

Well, for those of you who got our letter or are just stopping by to check in on us this is what happened and is happeneing to my left knee.

On June 19th I was playing basketball with the family members that were here at the ranch early for the Jones Reunion that weekend. We played for about an hour and I was fealing just fine throughout the game. After the game was over we decided to play a game of Bump.
*Bump is a fun game that pits you against the person behind you on the free throw line*
I went up for a lay-up and on my way down Amber's cousin Christopher unfortunatly came down on top of me. With Christopher weighing about 285 (muscle of course) my left leg being the first to make impact could not support his weight as well. Needless to say, My knee went one way and I went the other. Thank the Lord that the family members nearby took me to the ER.

Here is what I know at this point:
  1. The tendon on the inner part of my left knee ripped off along with a piece of bone.
  2. I will go in for an MRI on Monday the 14th to find out if my ACL and/or maniscus is damaged. (I cant fully bend my leg so I think that the MRI will help)

Well, that's about it.
Talk to you soon.